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Emotional Intelligence Advantage Training

We rarely invest in ourselves, yet we have to be with ourselves all the time.
What else might be possible when you make yourself a priority in your own life?

The pandemic has created a unique set of circumstances inviting us each to examine how we’ve been living our lives (The Great Resignation).

As we each attempt to strike a healthier integration between work and home, between our many responsibilities and cultivating our own mental and physical well-being,

  1. What’s filling your cup versus depleting you?

  2. Where in your own life can you have direct influence and meaningful impact on the things that matter to you most?

  3. How are your beliefs and emotions determining your outcomes?

  4. How are you consciously choosing your life outcomes?

  5. How are you planning and influencing the life you desire?


We each want to lead meaningful lives. We want to make a difference in our own lives and those of our loved ones and fellow human beings. For that we not only need to access the internal resources we have available to us, we need to embody them.

Hence we have created EI- Advantage to help us take control of our lives.

Emotional Intelligence Advantage is designed to help individuals become happier, healthier and more fulfilled with their personal, professional, business and life in general in 8 weeks


Enrollment for Cohort 1 Now Open
Program Dates Q3:  July 4th – Aug 29th
Program Cost: £497, a value of £1,997 when purchased separately



We invest in many temporary and fleeting things. Why not make a lasting investment in yourself?

Ultimately, you have to live in your own mind, why not make it a better place?

Using our unique coaching and training methodology, you’ll be guided by our EI Coach in a 8-Week EI- Advantage program:

  •  Zoom live EI training to build your Emotional Intelligence.

  • Eight, 90-minute  Workshops for practical applications and answer personal questions.

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