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Relationships are the modern day currency. Effective relationships both internal and external are fundamental to lasting and scalable success of any organisation.However, effective relationships will not simply happen because we want them to, they need to be cultivated and managed appropriately to ensure they are a factor of success and not a cause for failure. Peter Drucker a management guru rightly observed that "Only three things happen naturally in organisations: friction, confusion and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership."

Work with us, to achieve the following results:

  • Improve performance and personal effectiveness
  • Develop a strategic plan for your career direction
  • Develop skills in leading change and transformation
  • Develop self-awareness and self-management
  • Manage the transition into a new role
  • Develop own resilience and agility
  • Improve political, situational and organisational awareness
  • Develop better understanding of own leadership capabilities and how to improve them
  • Improve relationships with patients, colleagues, team members, and other stakeholders

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Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice.” – John Mattone

If you are struggling with relational skills, it may be a good time to explore why this may be and identify practical solutions. A social and emotional self assessment may be a good place to start. Most of our work with our clients start with a comprehensive assessment. Assessments can be thought of as “Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) tests” constructed to evaluate and reveal someone’s complete emotional makeup. Such assessment gives a clear personalized picture of the specific issues thus enabling efficient interventions and takes the guesswork out of what we do
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Social & Emotional Intelligence

Soft skills can be defined as personal attributes that indicate high levels of emotional intelligence. Knowing how to interact with different individuals and displaying a positive attitude is vital within the work environment. It is a well-known fact that employers are increasingly looking for candidates with these skills in addition to their qualifications. With the vast competition, it is becoming tough to distinguish candidates based on their technical skills solely. It is interesting to point out that as you increase in the leadership hierarchy, the more the need for one’s soft skills become indispensable.
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