Owenico Gold Club

Owenico Gold Club, gives you the opportunity to be part of Coach Owenico inner circle. 

Owenico Gold Club is a community of happy, healthy and psychologically wealthy individuals. You don’t need to be any of these already to be part of this group, as that is part of my responsibility to get you there. 

Over my several years of working with various kinds of people, I have come to believe that there is a treasure in every individual and it requires varying degrees of effort to bring it out. Every individual has the potential to live an extraordinary life if given the proper support. This has been the premise behind all the work that I do. 

Most times, ignorance and ‘inadequate’ resources have hindered individuals from living their best. Ignorance in the sense that most people do not know that there is a solution somewhere for whatever may be causing them pain and unhappiness. In terms of relationships, when people are unaware of this fact, irrespective of their material wealth, and academic and professional accomplishments, they are still unhappy and fulfilled. This manifests in the various things people resort to, like violence, substance use, addictions, separation, divorce, etc. Some have even gone to the extreme of taking their own lives while help was all around them. 

I also observed that sometimes due to limited resources or a scarcity mentality, people cannot access the support they know they require to turn their lives around for good. 

I have created this group to eliminate these two significant challenges that have caused most individuals to live miserable, unfulfilled and deprived lives. 

Owenico Gold Club is to support you in fulfilling your life calling and living your best through emotional education, motivation, inspiration, accountability, mentorship, coaching and training. 

We have made it affordable, too, as you are not required to make a significant upfront investment. You make an affordable monthly investment to take advantage of all packaged for this community. There is no lengthy contract to tie you in or any hidden costs. That way, anyone that wants to enjoy life can take advantage of this opportunity.

I have packaged my years of training, studies and experience to support this group to live their best. 

It will be my greatest delight to have you as part of this group as you take advantage of all available support to design and live the life you desire. 

You will benefit immensely from being part of this group if:

  1. You are in a relationship

  2. You are a parent

  3. You have been through some Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

  4. You are unhappy with specific areas of your life

  5. You have had or still having difficulties with relationships

  6. You are single, hoping to go into a relationship learning from the mistakes of others

  7. You have been hurt or offended in the past and you are finding it difficult to forgive

In this group, you will have access to my best solutions packaged in various formats. You will be part of monthly masterclasses with me where I teach, coach or train on specific topics or skills. You will also have the opportunity to ask me any questions that you may have. According to studies, this group will afford you the support of other generous and kind-hearted individuals, increasing the likelihood of your forming and sustaining a new behaviour by 500%.


Depending on your location, we have created various registration links to correspond with your local currency or anyone most suitable for you.