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We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Coaching for Change will be of great benefit to you if you have a major change initiative to lead or you are already leading a change and it seems not to be going well. We work with our clients using the ‘Blue Ocean Shift’ process to inspire and create changes that last.

Enabling Environment Training

Healthy workplaces are more productive and more profitable.
This programme is designed for organisations to better understand what they do and the impact of each person towards achieving the organisation’s mission or purpose. It is about understanding the organisation’s system and how each role is connected to it. This training helps an organisation get outstanding performance from her employees. An enabling environment is a rich and varied space where risks are minimised and well managed such that everyone can flourish. An enabling environment is about understanding a set of interrelated conditions that cause an organisation and the employees to thrive and flourish.

Enabling Environment Training For Christian Leaders And Churches

Christian organisations and churches exist to impact and improve individuals. They have significant impact in the localities, cities and nations where they are located. The Leaders of such organisations and their staff need to understand what such organisations stand for and how they are different from other organisations. They need to understand the various stake holders involved in what they do. It is of utmost importance that they understand how they can remain relevant in our ever changing world. Attracting the financial support such organisations need to survive require insight and accountability.
This programme is designed for these organisations to better understand what they do and how to continually improve in our ever changing world while not loosing focus on the organisation’s mission or purpose.

Emotional Intelligence For Church Leaders

This training is designed to help church leaders make ministry more fulfilling and effective, less draining and frustrating. Learn not to be anxious in the midst of sometimes infantile congregational behaviours and to calmly deal with the inevitable conflicts that may arise in ministry. You can be that coach, mentor and teacher that will inspire others and grow your ministry.

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