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At Owenico Consult, we work with leaders to guide them in developing deeper Social, Emotional & Conversational intelligence to bring about healthier, happier and more productive work environments.
At the individual level, we work with health care professionals to equip them with the complimentary soft skills they need to enjoy and navigate their career to the top. We help individuals to overcome barriers to their career progression so that they can strategically advance in their career.


We help organisations become a high trust workplaces where people are happy to connect with and give in their best while being improved. We help develop a culture of trust that creates collaboration, engagement and unleashes creativity, commitment and loyalty. We build workplace culture that attracts and retains best talents in today's rapidly evolving workplaces. We know that organisations that treat their people better do better. We believe that organisations that will stand the future are those that value and care for their employees.

Owen Nwanebu (CEO) is a great personality with genuine interest in people and organisations. His love for helping and building people has been demonstrated in his involvement with charities spanning across two decades, giving him the opportunity to interact with people of varying backgrounds, race, educational levels and professional accomplishments. With over a decade of entrepreneurial experience, he is very versed in business.

He is a Certified Executive Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Consultant for individuals and organisations. A Certified Administrator of the Social & Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP) - One of the most scientifically validated and statistically reliable emotional intelligence assessments on the market today. He is one of 250 inaugural coaches worldwide certified in Conversational Intelligence® and fully equipped to offer custom training, coaching, facilitation and consulting roadmaps to help organisations address areas of opportunity

Contact Us Address: Suite 103, Tudorleaf Business Centre 2-8 Fountayne Road, Tottenham, London N15 4QL
Contact Info: E-mail: owen@owenicoconsult.com info@owenicoconsult.com SKYPE ID: coachowenico Phone: +44 (333) 5777 889 Mobile: +44 77 3767 9041

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