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Relationship Management

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Relationship management, the fourth pillar of emotional intelligence, is a person’s ability to manage and maintain healthy relationships. Just as the ability to self-regulate grows from self-awareness, relationship management is an active extension of empathy. If you want to run a successful business, you have to proactively work to maintain positive relationships and establish trust…


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Empathy, the ability to relate to and share someone else’s emotions, thoughts or experiences, is the third pillar of emotional intelligence. It’s that elusive skill that allows us to “walk in someone else’s shoes”. We all possess empathy to some degree – it’s why humans find watching movies so compelling. We vicariously experience the emotional…


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The second pillar of emotional intelligence is self-regulation – also known as self-discipline. Self-regulation is the action-based companion to self-awareness. Your ability to control your emotions, your behavior, and your inner resources are all determined by your self-regulation. And, it is a valuable skill. A study at the University of Pennsylvania revealed that self-discipline outperformed…